Hamilton County Communications offers three different levels of internet service. The internet service levels available for your location depend on what type of internet service we are able to provide in your area. If you are unsure of what type of internet service is available in your area, please contact us.

Click the following internet service levels for more information:

DSL Internet

Fiber Internet


Wireless Internet

High Speed Internet Services:

DSL Internet

DSL is a technology that runs across a landline phone; therefore, we only offer it to customers that have phone service in our 7 exchanges: Belle Prairie, Belle Rive, Blairsville, Broughton, Dahlgren, Dale and Macedonia. This is an “always on” connection that is fast and reliable and allows the user to talk on the phone and to surf the Internet at the same time. We offer the following plans:

DSL Internet Plans & Info

$100 Installation Fee for Non-Members. For pricing, please call our office at 800-447-8725, or 618-736-2242.

Fiber Internet

If you are in an area where we are or have deployed fiber to the home or business, you will absolutely love our Fiber Internet!

Check out our plans here:

Fiber Internet Plans & Info

$100 Commitment/Order Fee for Residential; $500 Activation for Business

HSBoS – High Speed Broadband only Service

This is a new service within our Co-op Exchanges. High Speed Broadband only Service Internet plan is $59.99/month for 25 Mbps. If you reside within the Hamilton County Telephone Co-op and would prefer internet service without a landline, please call our office for more details – 618-736-2211.

This service is not available in all areas. Managed Wi-Fi service is required for HSBoS ($9.99/month).

For more information about HSBoS, click here.

Wireless Internet

Our Wireless Internet service provides technology that can reach remote locations wirelessly by placing an antenna at your location. This is an “always on” connection that is fast and reliable. We offer the following plans:

Wireless Internet Plans & Info

*Gold plan is not available in all areas. **Price reflects paperless billing rate.

We offer wireless Internet service in Akin, Enfield, McLeansboro, and surrounding areas.

$100 Installation Fee. Please call our office at 618-736-2242 for pricing on our Wireless Internet services.

We offer automatic bank draft payments. Click here to print a bank draft authorization form.